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Handmade square tall terracotta vase Moderne line

Handmade square tall terracotta vase Moderne line

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Handmade square tall terracotta vase Moderne line

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from € 139,00 / pz
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GALESTRO products reflect the quality of workmanship and techniques of the ancient master potters who have been producing vases since 1989 in accordance with the Tuscan tradition.

The processing is done BY HAND with plaster molds.

Each item is unique so it may have slight imperfections.

The artisanal products are therefore:
-100% organic
- with natural components
- treated with low environmental impact techniques
-frost resistant (up to -10 ° C)
- hand finished
- with small imperfections due to their uniqueness

option 1: 70x35x35 (weight 28.5)
option 2: 80x40x40 (weight 38.8)
Technical features
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