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Skamotec 225 - Calcium silicate sheet 25 mm

Skamotec 225 - Calcium silicate sheet 25 mm

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Skamotec 225 - Calcium silicate sheet 25 mm

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€ 56,00 / pz
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The Skamotec-225 calcium silicate sheet, formerly known as Super Isol, combines a high insulating capacity with extreme lightness and stiffness that make it suitable for the construction of robust structures.

Non-deformable, easily workable and dust-free, it is used for the construction of structural parts of the chimney.

The production process is based on a mixture of lime, silica and water plus a small percentage of organic fiber (paper or banana) heated to about 100 ° C, pressed and dried.
After drying, this mixture acquires a very porous and insulating structure.

Skamotec-225 resists high temperatures (1000 ° C), has excellent insulating capacity and high resistance to thermal shock.

Panel size: 100x61x25mm

The price is for a single panel.
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