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STARMAX refractory board 60x30x3

STARMAX refractory board 60x30x3

€ 31,50 / pz
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STARMAX refractory board 60x30x3

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€ 31,50 / pz
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Refractory slab measures 50 x 20 x 3


The main feature of our refractory tiles is the high percentage of alumina present : this guarantees a very high refractoriness, durability over time and resistance to chipping .

The top performance of our products guarantee perfect insulation and very little heat dispersion , ideal for all those who want homogeneous and constant cooking of food .

- Civil uses: general uses, construction of domestic ovens, fireplaces, stoves, pizza ovens.

Given that the technical characteristics are very high, this tile is also ideal for lining industrial boilers.
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