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MORTAR READY MF color - stone - for grouting stones / bricks 25 kg

MORTAR READY MF color - stone - for grouting stones / bricks 25 kg

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MORTAR READY MF color - stone - for grouting stones / bricks 25 kg

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€ 10,90 / pz
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Price refers to 25kg bag

Pre-blended M10 class water-repellent CEMENT-BASE mortar for the construction of exposed elevation walls, available in white or colored for soft-paste bricks.

Product compliant with EN 998-2 standard .


Ready-to-use colored mortar MF is a premixed M10 class mortar with medium grain size, based on hydraulic binders, selected aggregates and specific hydrophobic additives, for creating exposed walls or simply grouting brick joints or stone coverings .

The mortar is waterproof and is made in six color shades: ANTHRACITE - ANTIQUE PINK - TUFO - SAND - HAZELNUT - ROSE or WHITE HAZELNUT.

Before applying the colored MF ready-made mortar, make sure that the bricks are free of dust, oils, greases or anything else, and must also be slightly moistened, especially in the hottest season.

Mix in a cement mixer, by hand or with suitable equipment, using the right amount of clean water (about 4 liters per 25 kg bag).
Mount the masonry by eliminating excess mortar and keeping the masonry clean during the processing phases.
At the end of the plastic phase, pass the mortar joints with a special iron. If necessary after about 25 days. you can proceed

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