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Cimasa Cotto Terminal Treated in Galestro

Cimasa Cotto Terminal Treated in Galestro

from € 42,80 / pz
Il Palagio-Vivaterra
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Cimasa Cotto Terminal Treated in Galestro

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from € 42,80 / pz
Il Palagio-Vivaterra
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The   Cotto Treated to Galestro   it is real cooked but finished, slightly   shaded, waterproof   and ready,   it does not need any treatment   after installation.

A modern version of the most classic and well-known terracotta, beautiful immediately and forever, the terminals of the moldings are available in five different sizes:

- external measure 16x30x5 cm , internal measure 16 cm ;
- external measure 24.5x30x5 cm , internal measure 21.2 cm ;
- external measure 29.5x30x5 cm , internal measure 26.4 cm ;
- external measure 35x30x5 cm , internal measure 31.8 cm .

In related products you can also find "U" moldings.

Cotto Treated in Galestro is also a truly finished and absolutely waterproof Imprunetina earth product. This peculiarity is given by the dry application of a ceramic engobe, also containing atomised clay powder, which after firing in the oven at 1000 ° C makes the terracotta ready for use immediately after laying. Even if treated it remains breathable and therefore   also perfect for outdoor installation.

It is guaranteed stain-proof and easy to maintain.
For all sizes ? the boxes contain n. 1 pc = 0.30 ml
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