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Shipping services

The shipping costs varies depending on the weight and the area of destination.
You can calculate the tran sport costs in the "shopping cart" page:
·  add the chosen products to the cart and enter the shipping address
·  click on "calculate shipping costs"
·  the website will automatically calculate your shipping costs
·  proceed to checkout if you wish to buy
In case you place an order, an email will be sent to confirm your transaction and a subsequent one once the product has been shipped.
Please remember that you can indicate a different shipping address while making the purchase.
The service includes delivery with tail lift and hand pallet jack on street level.

The materials are always solidly packed manually on pallets or crates and shipped with the best couriers in order to ensure maximum security once the products are shipped.

Most of our products are often very bulky and require a truck for transport, this is why we kindly ask you to indicate if the delivery address is located in one-way narrow areas / roads or historic centers with limited traffic zones etc. ... and therefore cannot be easily accessed by heavy transport vehicles.

For products weighing less than 50 kg you will get a tracking code while for heavier shipments in case you want to be updated in real time on the status of your shipment, please contact us at 339 / 588 95 69.

Please check the packaging status once you receive the product.

If there are clear signs of damage to the packaging, please also check the items inside it. Please take note of any damage on the delivery note that you will have to sign.

If the whole packaging and content are completely damaged, please refuse shipment.

It is very important, when signing the delivery note, to write down the words "collection subject to control": in this way only you will be able to dispute any damage inside the package you have received.  Should such notification miss, the product will be considered correctly delivered.

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