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Mosaic Memories Luce02

Mosaic Memories Luce02

€ 128,10 / mq
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Mosaic Memories Luce02

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€ 128,10 / mq
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Memorie represents the perfect mix of architecture, design and art from the Appiani company , all made in Italy.
Memorie, rediscovering the charm of traditional materials such as mosaic, offers essential colors, formats and finishes to create polychromatic surfaces and backgrounds, combining with other shapes and sizes of the ceramic tradition.

This series is in single- press firing and can be used across the board for both floors and walls , both indoors and outdoors.

This series, Memorie Luce 02, is made up of 12 different textures , which can be purchased individually or, you can buy the mix of all twelve in a single box.

Tile size: 1.2 x 1.2 cm, 7.2 mm thick, mounted with 1 mm gap.
All the tiles are pre-assembled on 30 x 30 cm fiberglass sheets.

The price refers to the sqm. Each package is 1.08 sqm, i.e. 12 sheets 30x30cm.
*** FROM THE 5th BOX, 10% DISCOUNT ***

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