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Libra Matte

Libra Matte

€ 55,48 / mq
Libra Matte
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Libra Matte

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€ 55,48 / mq
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€ 55,48
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With Libra Matte , style is in the air as an atmosphere, as a concept rather than as a form. It is a deign that seeks the essence, with a timeless taste.
Exaltation of lines, plasticity, attention to detail. A careful research of the particular gives life to Libra, where the combinations, the contrasts and the harmonies are born from an unprecedented, almost masked, use of irregular geometries.
the modules, juxtaposed in a random flow, generate chiaroscuro effects, plays of light and shadow.
Libra adds a new dimension to surfaces, making them vibrate under the effect of slight displacements.

This series is in single- press firing and can be used as a coating (made in Italy)

Libra Matte is available in c olori caviar, oyster and milk.

Brick format: 5 x 10 cm, 7.2 mm thick, mounted with 1 mm joint.
All the cards are pre-assembled on 30 x 37 cm fiberglass sheets.

The price refers to the sqm. Each package is 1.26 m2, i.e. 14 sheets 30x37 cm.

Technical features
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