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Palladiana in yellow marble

Palladiana in yellow marble

€ 1,90 / kg
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Palladiana in yellow marble

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€ 1,90 / kg
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Palladiana yellow color 1cm thick, sold per kilogram (20 KG are about 1 square meter )

The Palladiana is nothing more than a flooring made using the waste from marble processing.

All the material we sell is tumbled , which means that the sharp and cutting edges are eliminated through the tumbling process, making the edges of each piece rounded and pleasant to the touch.

The Palladiana has multiple uses: you can create external and internal floors, create mosaics, rosettes, shower trays, etc.

For orders of large quantities you are welcome to contact us directly to receive a personalized quote.
Numerous colors and sizes available on our site.
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