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Impruneta terracotta 14X28 frost-proof

Impruneta terracotta 14X28 frost-proof

€ 27,50 / mq
Il Palagio-Vivaterra
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Impruneta terracotta 14X28 frost-proof

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€ 27,50 / mq
Il Palagio-Vivaterra
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The Palagio.
Made in Italy.

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Strong, lively, resistant, with a warm and unmistakable color.

Terracotta tiles measuring 14 x 28, thickness about 1.3cm (COUPLED TO BE SEPARATED)

Il Palagio is Tuscan terracotta from the Impruneta valley, made with a unique clay, which has preserved the taste and beauty of Tuscan architecture over the centuries.

Il Cotto Il Palagio enriches buildings and homes all over the world, from Seoul to Sidney, from Prague to Jeddah, from London to New York, not to mention the many villas in Italy.

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors as it is strictly frost-proof.

Supermarket offers you this fantastic Made in Italy rigorous product at a discounted price.

NB it is advisable to apply an anti-stain treatment once the terracotta has been installed.

Total n ° 12 tiles per pack

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