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Step in aged and waxed handmade terracotta cm 90x36

Step in aged and waxed handmade terracotta cm 90x36

€ 265,00 / pz
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Step in aged and waxed handmade terracotta cm 90x36

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€ 265,00 / pz
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Artisanal and handmade terracotta for lovers of natural products with attention to detail, made with clay with a warm hue and capable of warming the surrounding environment with a rustic and welcoming style.

The terracotta, thanks to the traditional and creative artisan production techniques, is dense, compact and resistant .

Each piece is unique thanks to the intervention of masters who guarantee the originality of each work from any other, an advantage that cannot be reproduced with industrialized and mass-produced products. Each piece, therefore, adds personality to your home.
Piatellesupermarket guarantees the best Made in Italy with special products made in respect of green building and fully sustainable.

The measurements of the piece: 90x36 (the variant 120x36 is available)

the product can be completed with the corner version. - price on request

The price refers to the piece
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