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30 x 34 terracotta poolside

30 x 34 terracotta poolside

€ 26,50 / pz
Il Palagio-Vivaterra
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30 x 34 terracotta poolside

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€ 26,50 / pz
Il Palagio-Vivaterra
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Pool edge in terracotta suitable to withstand environmental and physical stresses.
Suitable for elegantly redefining the perimeter around the pool, it represents a classic decorative element useful for creating the ideal setting for relaxing in complete safety.

The main advantages: ANTI-SLIP and ANTI-FREEZE

The terracotta pool edge therefore prevents the risk of falling due to slipping and arrives intact in the summer season thanks to its resistance to low winter temperatures.

The product is the result of the best Made in Italy from the Impruneta area, Tuscany.

The price refers to the single piece (3.3 pcs per ml)
Technical features
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