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Corner in Terracotta Treated Neutral 35x35 cm

Corner in Terracotta Treated Neutral 35x35 cm

€ 77,80 / pz
Il Palagio-Vivaterra
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Corner in Terracotta Treated Neutral 35x35 cm

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€ 77,80 / pz
Il Palagio-Vivaterra
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Cotto Treated Natural is real cotto but finished, slightly shaded, waterproof and ready to use, it does not need any treatment after installation.

A modern version of the most classic and well-known terracotta, beautiful immediately and forever, the corner is available in the 35x35 cm size.

The Natural Cotto Treated is a new proposal, and it is a waterproof and finished engobe, with a particular brightness and transparency.
An ancient name for an innovative product with great resistance and the unmistakable shades and textures of Imprunentine terracotta.
35x35 cm - th. 2.50 cm ? individually boxed
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