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Rectified Gray Area

Rectified Gray Area

from € 18,90 / mq
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Rectified Gray Area

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from € 18,90 / mq
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Area Grigio , porcelain stoneware, marked   Euro Ceramiche , available in 30x60, 60x60 and 80x80 cm sizes, all sizes are rectified.

A refined and materic texture, it emerges as an eclectic and universal surface for design and architecture, with an assortment of three sizes and five colors (which you can find on our portal): ivory, beige, gray, anthracite and blackboard; and to complete the series a mosaic on mesh in 30x30 cm sheets.

Area is a series suitable for all areas of the house, both as a floor and as a wall covering.

On our portal it is possible to buy the skirting board of the series, available in two sizes, 9.5x60 cm and 8x80 cm, and the mosaic on mesh in 30x30 cm sheets.

30x60RT cm (thickness 9 mm) ? the boxes contain n. 6 pcs = 1.08 sqm
60x60RT cm (thickness 9 mm) ? the boxes contain n. 3 pcs = 1.08 sqm
80x80RT cm (thickness 10 mm) ? the boxes contain n. 2 pcs = 1.28 sqm

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