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Out door cream 20x40 stone effect

Out door cream 20x40 stone effect

€ 15,90 / mq
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Out door cream 20x40 stone effect

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€ 15,90 / mq
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The series Out door in porcelain stoneware, marked Euro Ceramiche, available in gray and cream, reflects the splendor of a ceramic that reinterprets the charm of quartzites. The timeless elegance of this series is embodied by a mix of shades.

The surface of this product is non-slip R11 perfect for outdoors, and is anti-freeze.

To complete the series, the
monolithic "L" element is available on our portal .

20x40 cm (thickness 9.2 mm) ? the boxes contain n. 14 pcs = 1.12 m2
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€ 15,90 / mq

Ancillary products

€ 15,90 / mq
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