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Grit tub 52X52xh20

Grit tub 52X52xh20

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Grit tub 52X52xh20

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from € 146,00 / pz
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In marble chips, for interiors and exteriors.

Measurements: 52X52xh20

Sink in marble grit with rounded edges perfect for those who love soft and classic shapes.
The classic lines recall the typical sinks of our grandparents' kitchens.

Made in Italy , it is composed of a special mixture of stones which, in addition to making it aesthetically perfect, also guarantees strength and inalterability over time.

We recommend the purchase of a protective to make your sink easier to clean and to ensure greater resistance to stains.

Available in ash gray and sand beige.
The colors magnolia white, tenderness pink, passion pink, earth red and sun yellow are available on request only.

NB supports not included, sold separately.

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