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Terrarte terracotta box planter balcony Moderne line

Terrarte terracotta box planter balcony Moderne line

from € 24,90 / pz
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Terrarte terracotta box planter balcony Moderne line

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from € 24,90 / pz
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modern terracotta planter

TERRARTE products are composed of good quality clays which guarantee absolute ANTIFREEZE.
The technology used makes the terrarte line a product that, thanks also to the quality / price ratio, is placed on the large volume market, while maintaining high quality.

The artisanal products are therefore:
-100% organic
- with natural components
- treated with low environmental impact techniques
-frost resistant (up to -10 ° C)
- hand finished
- with small imperfections due to their uniqueness

option 1: 20x50x20 (weight 8)
option 2: 20x60x20 (weight 9)
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