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Jotul F 520 CB

Jotul F 520 CB

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Jotul F 520 CB

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€ 3.590,00 / pz
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With a panoramic view of the fire, Jøtul F 520 CB offers the experience of a real bonfire in your living room.

This stove offers large glass and the flames can be enjoyed from all sides of the stove.

The intelligent construction of the air valves makes the stove easy to ignite and use.
Thanks to a special coating, the front and side glass remain cleaner.

The white enamel combustion chamber wall highlights the beauty of the flame and the stove even when not in use.

The base of the stove is a practical storage compartment for wood.

Measurements (HxLxP): 1000 x 594 x 532 mm


Volume heated: 300 m 3
Approximate weight: 170 kg
Wood length: 50 cm
Smoke outlet: Ø 150 mm
Performance: 77%
CO: 0.07%
Optional smoke outlet: Upper


Nominal power: 7 kW
Maximum power: 12 kW


Ash drawer: Yes
Grid: No

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