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45 ° stainless steel curve

45 ° stainless steel curve

from € 7,10 / pz
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45 ° stainless steel curve

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from € 7,10 / pz
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45 ° single wall stainless steel curve

Available diameters from 80 to 500

Made of 304 BA stainless steel (DIN 1.4301) th. 5/10 without gasket.

The joining system is male / female, while the welding system is continuous longitudinal to TIG or PLASMA.

The smoke duct, like the smoke duct, is suitable for evacuating condensed or dry fumes for operation under negative pressure.

Also suitable for the evacuation of ventilation products.

The max operating temperature for operation in N1 is 600 ° C without gasket.

Solid fuels allowed with dry running.

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