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Primer G

Primer G

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Primer G

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from € 43,42 / pz
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Clinging agent for surfaces
Primer based on synthetic resins in aqueous dispersion with very low content of volatile organic compounds.

Suitable for use in multiple situations:

- For the treatment of plaster surfaces, before
apply ceramic tiles.

- As an anchoring coat for sprayable plasters a
gypsum base.

- To improve the adhesion of smoothing compounds to surfaces
or anhydrite-based, gypsum, asphalt,
ceramic, marble.

- To regulate the absorption of cementitious surfaces or
of plaster

- Before laying ceramic tiles with cementitious adhesives.

- Between one coat and the other of shaving, when the first is perfectly dry.

Available in 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packs.
Consumption normally hovers between 0.1 and
0.2 kg / m2
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