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Multipor Lightweight Mortar

Multipor Lightweight Mortar

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Multipor Lightweight Mortar

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€ 32,50 / pz
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Lightweight mortar for bonding and skimming YTONG Multipor mineral insulating panels.

Multipor lightweight mineral mortar has been specially developed to be combined with Multipor hydrated calcium silicate insulation panels. In particular, the lightened mineral mortar must be used for gluing the panels and for surface smoothing.

Specific for bonding and reinforced skimming of Multipor panels.

It can also be used for reinforced shaving of Ytong blocks, easy processing (by hand or by machine) and has good stability.

Reinforced with alkali resistant fibers.

High adhesiveness and low specific weight.

After hardening it is water repellent, resistant to bad weather and frost and is permeable to vapor.

Format: 20 kg bags.

Technical features
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