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Led lamp 50 W rechargeable batt.Lithio -Friggeri-

Led lamp 50 W rechargeable batt.Lithio -Friggeri-

€ 88,00 / pz
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Led lamp 50 W rechargeable batt.Lithio -Friggeri-

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€ 88,00 / pz
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SMD LED floodlights

- Compact and impact resistant.
- Equipped with a 50 Watt SMD LED matrix which guarantees high reliability and a rechargeable battery
with Lithium ions make it a portable, light and robust product.
- Equipped with resealable support support and with adjustable inclination.
- Lithium ion battery that guarantees autonomy up to 15 hours
and built-in LED charge indicator.
- 25%, 50% or 100% brightness adjustment via the power button.
- Integrated USB socket for charging smartphones and tablets (power-bank function) with 2A of current.
- Protection function against blackout with automatic ignition when the mains voltage fails.
- Automatic charging system with integrated battery protection circuit.
- Body made of shockproof thermoplastic with elastic reinforcements.
- Very low weight, ideal for transport.

Technical features
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