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Degreaser Septa trap NDD150 Rototec

Degreaser Septa trap NDD150 Rototec

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Degreaser Septa trap NDD150 Rototec

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Degreasing is a physical pre-treatment to remove oils, foams, greases and all substances that have a specific weight lower than that of the sewage. The degreaser is a stilling tank in which the separation by flotation (rising) of substances with a specific weight lower than that of water takes place and the sedimentation of a part of the suspended solids that deposit on the bottom of the tank.

POSSIBLE USE: primary treatment of gray water from kitchens, sinks, bidets, showers, bathtubs, washing machines and dishwashers, etc.

Rototec gravity degreasers consist of a polyethylene tank inside which two semi-submerged inlet and outlet pipes are arranged at different heights, the useful volume is divided into three compartments:
  • an inlet zone in which the turbulence of the incoming flow is dampened,
  • an area where the separation and temporary accumulation of solids takes place.
  • a third outflow area of the treated wastewater.
Technical features
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