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Imhoff bathtub Corrugated Emilia Romagna NIME2100 Rototec

Imhoff bathtub Corrugated Emilia Romagna NIME2100 Rototec

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Imhoff bathtub Corrugated Emilia Romagna NIME2100 Rototec

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€ 995,00 / pz
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The Imhoff-type biological tanks consist of two overlapping and hydraulically communicating compartments. In the upper compartment, the sedimentable solids reach the bottom of the settler by gravity, which has a suitable inclination to allow the passage of sludge into the lower compartment where digestion takes place.

POSSIBLE USE: primary treatment of black water from toilets.

REFERENCE REGULATIONS: Resolution of the Interministerial Committee for the Protection of Waters No. 48/77, Legislative Decree No. 152/06, Emilia Romagna Regional Resolution No. 1053/03, Umbria Regional Resolution No. 1171/07, DACR Resolution No. 145 / 10 Marche Water Protection Plan, Decree of the President of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano n ° 6/08.

The 3 areas that make up an Imhoff type tank:

1. SEDIMENTATION: sedimentation area of incoming solids
2. DIGESTION: area where digestion and outflow of treated waste occurs
3. SLUDGE: area where the formation of biological sludge responsible for the purification of the wastewater takes place
Technical features
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