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Doortech counterframe Scrigno for plaster

Doortech counterframe Scrigno for plaster

from € 164,00 / pz
Doortech counterframe Scrigno for plaster
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Doortech counterframe Scrigno for plaster

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from € 164,00 / pz
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The structure of the box is in galvanized steel, 0.5 mm thick in the sides / rear profile and 0.8 mm for the top / bottom profiles.

The side of the box is made of a single piece of sheet metal and has vertical ribs with 100 mm pitch.
The ribbing gives greater rigidity to the structure.
The metal mesh, which completes the side, is in galvanized steel and is fixed to the side by means of staples allowing excellent anchoring of the plaster.
A fine mesh fiberglass mesh is supplied together with the box which, placed in the upper part at the junction between the box and the brick (on both sides), protects against possible bristles of the plaster.
The subframe is equipped with two push-fit spacers necessary for installation.

The sliding system consists of:

- An aluminum guide profile with PVC side profiles that define the thickness of the finished wall. On the side of the wooden upright the crosspiece is fixed by means of pre-assembled nails, while on the side of the box it is graft

- A pair of ball bearing carriages with a capacity of 100 kg. The trolleys are equipped with nuts and bolts, suspension brackets and stop stops for mounting the door panel.

10 year guarantee on the sliding system.

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