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3D2 tile cutter cm.95 Sigma (series 3) NEW MODEL

3D2 tile cutter cm.95 Sigma (series 3) NEW MODEL

€ 326,00 / pz
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3D2 tile cutter cm.95 Sigma (series 3) NEW MODEL

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€ 326,00 / pz
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New updated 2019 version of the 3D2 model.

Its structure has been completely redesigned.

A double series of cushioned support plates are inserted on the base which guarantee perfect support and complete stability even for long and narrow tiles.
  • Double cutting thickness adjustment register.
  • The adjustable metric bar supporting the tile rotates in both directions up to 45 °; it is pivoted in the center of the cutting line allowing to obtain the real size of the piece to be cut at any angle.
  • At 45 ° a second metric scale provides the measurement of the diagonal.
  • Thanks to the quick positioning button, the main angles normally used are immediately available.
  • Traction engraving system that guarantees speed and detail
  • Disassembled in a few
  • Wide support surface for the tile
Useful cutting length 95
Diagonal cut tiles up to 67x67 cm
Cutting thickness up to 20 mm
Technical features
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