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Rototec monobloc mobile bathroom model BOLOGNA

Rototec monobloc mobile bathroom model BOLOGNA

€ 1.490,00 / pz
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Rototec monobloc mobile bathroom model BOLOGNA

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€ 1.490,00 / pz
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Mobile toilet with chemical turkey and rinsing with recirculated water through a pedal operated diaphragm pump. Supplied with all standard accessories.

The BOLOGNA model is AVAILABLE in the colors: GREEN; BLUE; GREY.

The bathrooms are delivered ready for use .
Graphic customization is possible on request.

  1. vent pipe
  2. polyester zipper
  3. bolt (free / busy signal and key lock)
  4. steel eyebolts for handling (on request only on Firenze model)
  5. windows for ventilation
  6. raised base (presence of grips for loading / unloading from the truck and predisposition for inserting the trolley for ground handling)

Interior equipment:
  • mirror / coat hanger
  • double roll holder
  • non-slip floor
  • bayonet cap for filling
  • led lighting (optional)
  • gripping and handling handles
  • Lifetime cap for emptying residual clean water
Technical features
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