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Rototec removable monobloc mobile toilet model BERLIN

Rototec removable monobloc mobile toilet model BERLIN

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Rototec removable monobloc mobile toilet model BERLIN

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€ 1.182,00 / pz
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Mobile toilet with turkish toilet equipped with a rinsing cistern fed by the aqueduct or by the storage tank and basin basin complete with tap. The discharge is siphoned and takes place directly into the public sewer, to the storage tank or to the Imhoff pit. Ideal for fixed installations. Supplied with all standard accessories.

The BERLIN model is AVAILABLE in the colors: GRAY / GREEN; GRAY / BLUE; GRAY / ORANGE.

The bathrooms are delivered ready for use .
Graphic customization is possible on request.

  1. bolt
  2. raised base (for handling with forks and transpallets)
  3. vent pipe
  4. polyethylene hinge
  5. windows for ventilation

Interior equipment:
  • mirror / coat hanger
  • double roll holder
  • non-slip floor
Technical features
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