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Rototec mobile bathroom for the disabled model MAXI PRAGA

Rototec mobile bathroom for the disabled model MAXI PRAGA

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Rototec mobile bathroom for the disabled model MAXI PRAGA

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€ 4.060,00 / pz
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USE AND SPECIFICATIONS: Rototec has developed the Mobile Toilet for the Disabled to meet the needs of people with disabilities and allow everyone to enjoy events and exhibitions. The width of the entrance door and obstacle-free access ensure the passage of the wheelchair. Inside, the user can easily move around in total safety thanks to the spaciousness of the compartment that allows 360 ° rotation and easy seating, the handrails on the walls and the flooring made with a special non-slip material. The Mobile Bathroom is built in polyethylene (PE), is anti-UV stabilized and 100% recyclable. The Mobile Bathrooms are delivered ready for use.

The MAXI PRAGA model is AVAILABLE in the colors: GREEN; LIGHT BLUE.

The bathrooms are delivered ready for use .

Composition :
  • grab bars and handrails
  • double roll holder
  • ventilation grilles
  • non-slip floor

Interior equipment :

The waste water conveyed into the special tank and suitably treated with the disintegrating agent, is reused for rinsing the vessel thanks to the manually operated membrane pump.

Ample room for maneuver, ergonomic environment, easy access thanks to the step-free platform.

Technical features
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