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Klinker 7X24 skirting 307 - Wheat

Klinker 7X24 skirting 307 - Wheat

€ 14,90 / ml
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Klinker 7X24 skirting 307 - Wheat

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€ 14,90 / ml
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€ 14,90
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Made in Germany

The Stroher Klinker stands for simplicity of installation and sturdiness.
Perfect for outdoor terraces exposed to the weather, but also for rustic interiors and refined environments.

Measurements: 7 x 24
The price of the skirting board refers to a linear meter (4 pieces).
Mod. 307 WHEAT

Strictly produced in Germany, this tile offers a 25-year guarantee on frost resistance.

L-shaped elements and 11x24 tiles are also available in stock.

STRÖHER is the only German manufacturer to offer a 25-year guarantee on the frost resistance of its products.

Technical features
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