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Tubone O decorative radiator - COLORED

Tubone O decorative radiator - COLORED

from € 950,00 / pz
Tubone O decorative radiator - COLORED
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Tubone O decorative radiator - COLORED

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from € 950,00 / pz
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The Tubone O tubular radiator that in this card found in the colored version, the company Antrax, product made in Italy, is born with linear form, clean and simple where the proportions become characterizing element and identifier.

The basic element is an oval ring made from a tubular with a section of 60 mm, with two 180 ° bends. Tubone , both in the vertical and horizontal version , with its innovative design, is able to adapt to any type of environment and location.
Its conformation allows you to be able to combine the elements, to have a greater yield.

Tubone received the Oderzo award , and in June 2008 received the Compasso d'Oro 2008 award, recognition of Italian design and production.

The great flexibility of Tubone allows its use and placement in all environments, including the bathroom where it also becomes a towel holder, thanks to the accessory that you can buy on our portal.

The available colors can be viewed by downloading the color chart, clicking on the link at the end of this description, or in the attached images.
To proceed with the order just enter the code of the desired color in the order notes

The price INCLUDES the wall mountings and the chrome "S" valve kit (if you want the white valve kit, indicate it in the order notes).

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