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Pietra d'Oriente slabs Golden Leaf sp. 2.5 / 4 cm

Pietra d'Oriente slabs Golden Leaf sp. 2.5 / 4 cm

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Pietra d'Oriente slabs Golden Leaf sp. 2.5 / 4 cm

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€ 39,00 / mq
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In this sheet you can find the Golden Leaf Oriental Stone Slabs with variable thickness 2.5 / 4 cm with natural finish and sheared edges, in four sizes, 20x40, 30x60, 40x60, 60x90 cm.

The 60x90 cm format is available in stock, shipped in 2 days.

The stone is a material from a thousand qualities: it is an incorruptible product by time and weathering, resistant to acids, bases and solvents, impact and abrasion resistant, non geliva and insensitive to the action of UV rays. The stone slabs offer infinite possibilities of chromatic and aesthetic compositions, and adapt perfectly to all design solutions.

The price indicated is per square meter.
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