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Corners Reconstructed stone GRANADA

Corners Reconstructed stone GRANADA

€ 61,00 / ml
Pietra d'Arredo - Colmef
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Corners Reconstructed stone GRANADA

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€ 61,00 / ml
Pietra d'Arredo - Colmef
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The Pietre d'Arredo finishing elements are the exact reproduction of natural stones, handmade terracotta bricks and wooden walls.
They are made with special binders, light natural aggregates, highly UV stable coloring pigments and are additives that give the product high resistance to atmospheric agents.
The elements are the stones Furnishing Eggeri, resistant, breathable, frost-resistant and with excellent water repellency.

The elements are completely similar to natural ones, and can be used both in new projects and for the redevelopment of old buildings under renovation. Due to their versatility they can be used to cover both internal and external walls, enclosure walls, columns, fireplaces, skirtings , etc.

Pietre d'Arredo includes a wide range of typologies, in this sheet you will find the CORNER GRANADA series in its colors: cream, light gray, antique gray, earth gray, earth, light gray, antique blue.
In the related products, corner pieces, furniture and stucco furniture are available for the perfect installation of this product.

the boxes contain 2.00 m, element thickness 2.00-4.00 cm
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