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Pinkish clay hexagon side 15cm - smooth

Pinkish clay hexagon side 15cm - smooth

€ 69,00 / mq
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Pinkish clay hexagon side 15cm - smooth

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€ 69,00 / mq
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Entirely handmade hexagonal terracotta, side 15 cm, smooth effect

The clay from which this product is made comes from quarries in the heart of Tuscany
, giving the pavement its characteristic pink color.

Every single tile is produced manually according to the rules handed down from generation to generation, without the use of industrial means of production.

The items have imperfections and irregularities typical of artisan products , making each single piece exclusive.

Ideal for creating both internal and external flooring for all those who want something UNIQUE inside their home.

Total 17 pcs per sqm

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