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Row PRW200

Row PRW200

from € 12,60 / pz
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Row PRW200

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from € 12,60 / pz
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FILA PRW200,   it is a water-based waterproofing agent effective against laying dirt, which facilitates the grouting operation and subsequent cleaning without altering the appearance of the materials. It is ideal for absorbent materials such as terracotta, klinker, natural, reconstructed and agglomerated stones.


- Shake before using.
-Remove all the dust present on the surface to be treated.
-Apply a coat of FILAPRW200 with a brush, fleece or other applicator evenly, avoiding surface stagnation.
- Apply with care even on the edges of the laid material. The day after application, grouting can be carried out, taking care to sponge the grout well before it dries completely.
-After curing, wash after installation with the cleaner most suitable for the type of material.
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