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Fila Pro130

Fila Pro130

from € 23,90 / pz
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Fila Pro130

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from € 23,90 / pz
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FILA PRO130,   is an impregnating agent based on vegetable oils that penetrates deeply into absorbent materials such as wood, terracotta, natural stones (dark, without light veins).
It can be used internally as a base coat to be followed by a wax or oil finish.

- For wood: on well polished wood (for example 180 grain) and clean, apply 2 coats of FILAPRO130, 2-3 hours apart, using a brush or wax fleece, massage and remove the residues, then finish with FILAPARQUET NATURE if installed on the internal floor.
- It can also be used as a primer for finishing wax interiors with FILAWOOD.
- For terracotta and dark stones without light veins: on the dry and clean surface apply a coat of FILAPRO130 with a brush or wax dispenser, remove by massaging the residues with a clean rag.
- For interiors it is possible to finish the surfaces with paste waxes (FILANATURWAX) and / or liquid waxes (FILAMATT, FILASATIN or FILALONGLIFE).
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