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Vermiculite bag 0.10 m3

Vermiculite bag 0.10 m3

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Vermiculite bag 0.10 m3

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€ 32,90 / pz
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Vermiculite is an inorganic mineral, present in nature in the form of flakes or lamellar crystals which, heated to about 300 ° C, expand in a perpendicular direction to the cleavage planes, assuming vermicular convoluted shapes with golden reflections.

Ideal for filling in flues, furnaces, it has excellent insulating properties, is non-combustible, does not emit toxic gases, smoke or odors and is extremely light.

Packaging: 0.1 m3 bags

Physical properties:

Density [kg / dm3]: 0.069

Apparent porosity [° C]:

Conductivity [W / mK]: (° C) 0.063 -
Technical features
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