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13 mm fireproof ceramic fiber c / aluminum ROLL

13 mm fireproof ceramic fiber c / aluminum ROLL

€ 165,80 / pz
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13 mm fireproof ceramic fiber c / aluminum ROLL

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€ 165,80 / pz
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The price refers to 1 complete roll - length 14.64 ml

Flame retardant material resistant to 1250 ° C , ideal for insulating flues, oven floors, etc.
One side of the product is coated along its entire length with an aluminum layer.
Thanks to its flexible consistency, it can be modeled and inserted even in confined spaces.

The roll is sold whole or with custom cuts, just specify the quantity of meters to buy. The price refers to a linear meter , if you want custom cuts, just type '3' for 3ml, '5.5' for 5.5ml etc.

Roll length: 14.64 ml
Width: 0.61 ml

The product we supply complies with all European regulations governing this type of material.
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